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Sourdough Baking doesn't have to be difficult!

Do you want to learn sourdough baking but it seems too complicated and time consuming? Let me teach you how! In these short video lessons, you will learn to make your own sourdough starter and then use this starter to make many different kinds of healthy baked goods! Sourdough baking doesn't have to be an art form, it can be a healthy, yummy, easy way to bake!

Hi! I'm a mom, homemaker, and blogger that desires to serve my family delicious, nourishing food without spending all day in my kitchen! I tried sourdough baking 13 years ago. I gave up. It was too hard. All I could bake were dense bricks of "bread".

With more time at home during 2020 I decided to try sourdough baking again. I bought a video course (like this one) and learned how to make actual loaves of sourdough bread (and other baked goods)! While these recipes tasted great, they took too much time. Kneading every hour, multiple steps, etc. I knew this method of sourdough baking wasn't going to work for me.

So I simplified it! Sourdough baking can be easy AND simple! Let me teach you how!

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Sourdough Baking Made Ridiculously Easy


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