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4 Reasons Why Sourdough Baking is So Great

Sourdough is the hot "new" thing on the internet! Not so sure it's for you? Think it’s too complicated? Check out these four reasons why sourdough baking is so great. And it can be easy too!

Healthier Baked Goods

Sourdough baking is the ancient way of making bread and baked goods using gluten-containing flours (usually wheat). It uses a sourdough starter, containing naturally occurring yeasts, to gently ferment the dough and cause it to rise.

This fermentation and the rising process take place over several hours and produces many beneficial effects. 

  • First, it breaks down the gluten in the flour making it more easily digested. 
  • Second, it makes the vitamins and minerals in the flour more bio-available. 
  • Finally, it reduces the carbohydrate count of the bread leading to a bread that does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar!


Inexpensive Baking

Sourdough baking is a very inexpensive way of baking because it uses simple ingredients easily found at all grocery stores. There is no need to invest in special alternative flours. A homemade loaf of sourdough bread costs less than $1. This is much cheaper than store-bought sprouted or sourdough bread which often costs $4-5/loaf!


Sourdough baking is very family-friendly and a great way to your family to eat healthier and not even know it! Most people enjoy bread and other baked goods made with a sourdough starter. These baked goods have a familiar taste and texture making them an easy transition to healthier eating.

Sourdough Baking Can Be Easy

Many people think sourdough baking is difficult and time-consuming. Some bakers treat sourdough baking as an art and therefore, spend much time and effort to ensure a beautiful and perfect result. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get yummy, fine-looking baked goods easily!

The nature of sourdough baking requires a long-ferment time. However, if you choose the right recipe, most of this time is spent letting the dough sit. The actual hands-on time can be very minimal!

Caring for and regularly baking with a sourdough starter gives a rhythm to your time in the kitchen. Learning to care for and bake with a sourdough starter is also a great chore to give to a child. And if you need to, taking a vacation from sourdough is also super easy!

If you want to try sourdough baking, check out my free class: Make Your Own Sourdough Starter.