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Hanukkah Devotions for the Christian Family

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We are a Christian family. We do all the “regular” Christmas things, like toy nativity sets, Christmas trees, gift-giving, stockings, and Christmas baking. But we also celebrate Hanukkah.

It probably seems strange that we choose to celebrate Hanukkah, especially since we aren’t Jewish. However, God revealed His plan of times and seasons through these Biblical holidays in order to teach His people about Himself and His love, mercy, and care for them.

While God does not “require” us to study and celebrate the “Jewish” holidays, we believe there is much to learn about Biblical history, God and His plan, and about our lives when we celebrate the Biblical holidays. And while we don’t keep a lot of the Jewish traditions of Hanukkah, we choose to celebrate in our own way as we focus on God during the Festival of Lights!

Use these eight days of family devotions to guide your worship during the Festival of Lights.

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